Poems Online

“Dumb Luck” and Regeneration” @ The Boiler Journal

“Body Count” @ The Collagist

“Bad Company” @ Blackbird

[I can’t bear anymore what happens to the body] @ The Offing

“The Year of Blue Mornings” @ Tinderbox Poetry Journal

“Interrogation” @ Tinderbox Poetry Journal

“First Catch” @ The Paris-American

“Self-Portrait as Odysseus” @ Drunken Boat

“He Visits Your City Briefly” @ Boxcar Poetry Review

3 poems at Used Furniture Review

“Aubade in Pieces” @ Four Way Review

“On the Day it Became Legal to Rape Your Wife” @ Pank Magazine

2 poems @ Union Station Magazine

Poem of the Week: Boylan Blog of Brooklyn College

 “On the Day It became Legal to Rape Your Wife” reprinted on Feministing for National Poetry Month


The Poetry SalonCast

Audio: Poem and interview on IndieFeed

Ask the Author @ PANK Magazine

Other Online Features

Good Pictures of Good Poets, the photography blog of Jonathan Weiskopf

Remembering Jack Gilbert” Marginalia, a blog from the editors of Tongue: A Journal of Writing

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